Pen Collection

Last Updated: 2015-07-28

My pen collection, past and present. Some of these pens I had but sold off, gifted, or traded. The rest are with me. For now…

Some pens still missing from the list. Will add more details about the pens later.

Manufacturer Model Details
Aurora Optima Nero Perla Nero Perla
Conid Fountainbel Bulk Filler FPR
Conid Minimalistica+ FPR
Danitrio Densho Kuro-dame Tamenuri
Danitrio Fellowship Clipless
Danitrio Sho-Hakkuku Murasaki-dame Tamenuri
Danitrio Sho-Hakkuku Kuro-dame Tamenuri
Danitrio Takumi Tsugaru-nuri Nanako-nuri
Edison Beaumont Sheaffer Tiger Eye Cellulloid
Edison Beaumont Cobalt Flake
Edison Beaumont Pneumatic Cobalt Flake
Edison Custom - Double-Ended Skinny Pearl Two-ended pen
Edison Glenmont Dark Tortoise Celluloid
Edison Huron Navy Acrylic
Edison Menlo ED Onyx Flake
Edison Menlo ED Tibaldi Impero Celluloid
Edison Menlo Pump Filler Sapphire Flake
Edison Pearl Cobalt Flake - LE #5 of 20
Edison Pearlette Cobalt Flake with Pearl Clip
Edison Pearlette Purple Web Celluloid w/ Pearl Clip w/ ink window
Esterbrook Desk Pen Black with Clear Tail
Esterbrook J Blue
Esterbrook LJ Blue
Esterbrook LJ Black
Esterbrook LJ Silver
Franklin-Christoph Model 02
Franklin-Christoph Pocket 40
Franklin-Christoph Pocket 66
Franklin-Christoph Model 20
Gate City Belmont Tortoise
Hakumin Urushi Kobo Custom - Skinny Pearl - Kuro Tamenuri
Kaweco Cult Pens Mini Fountain Pen
Kaweco Liliput
Ken Cavers Shirt Pocket Fountain Pen Red, White, and Black
Ken Cavers Bamboo Pen Red Urushi
Ken Cavers Bamboo Rod Pen
Lamy 2000
Lamy Safari Charcoal
Mabie Todd Blackbird BHCR
Mabie Todd Swan Gray
Mabie Todd Swan 2 1/2 SF Mini Ringtop
Montblanc 146
Montblanc 1912 Heritage Edition
Nakaya Naka-ai Ao Tamenuri
Newton Cobalt Sheaffer
Newton Custom - EsterNewt Green Mottled Celluloid - Uses Esterbrook nibs
Newton EsterNewt II
Newton Shinobi
Newton Shinobi Clear
Newton Shinobi Dark Gray
Omas T2 Milord
Omas Ogiva Alba Purple
Osmiroid 65
Osmiroid 75
Parker 51 51 Special
Parker 51 51 Flighter
Pelikan 400NN Black
Pelikan M1005 Black
Pelikan M205 Clear Demonstrator
Pelikan M205 Black
Pelikan M215 Blue Stripe
Pelikan M215 Blue Stripe
Pelikan M215 Blue Stripe
Pelikan M215 Blue Stripe
Pelikan M215 - Rings Rings
Pelikan M405 Black
Pelikan M640 Polar Lights
Pelikan M805 Blue Stripes
Pilot 90th Anniversary Raden Toki
Pilot Bamboo
Pilot Bamboo
Pilot Bamboo Rhodium
Pilot Custom 823
Pilot Custom 98
Pilot Custom Heritage 91
Pilot Custom Heritage 91
Pilot Custom Heritage 912
Pilot Decimo Black
Pilot Falcon Metal
Pilot Falcon Resin
Pilot Justus 95
Pilot M90
Pilot M90
Pilot Murex
Pilot Murex
Pilot Myu 701
Pilot Myu 701
Pilot Pre-War Ebonite Urushi
Pilot Pre-War Ebonite Urushi
Pilot Shiro Black
Pilot Shiro Teal
Pilot TOW
Pilot Vanishing Point Stealth Black
Pilot Vanishing Point Black
Pilot Vanishing Point Faceted - Vintage
Pilot Volex Black
Platinum 3776 No. 1
Sailor Pro Gear
Sailor Sapporo
Sailor Sapporo Mini
Sailor Trident
Scriptorium Idyll Classic Green
Scriptorium Idyll Dartmoor
Sheaffer Statesman Tuckaway 1949 White Dot
TWSBI Diamond 530 Clear Demonstrator
TWSBI Diamond 530 Clear Demonstrator
TWSBI Diamond 540 Smoke Demonstrator
TWSBI Diamond 540 Clear Demonstrator
TWSBI Mini Classic (Black, Clear)
TWSBI Mini Black
TWSBI ROC 100 Demonstrator
TWSBI ROC 100 Demonstrator
TWSBI Vac 700 Clear Demonstrator
TWSBI Vac 700 Smoke Demonstrator
Visconti Homo Sapiens Crystal Crystal
Visconti Homo Sapiens Florentine Hills
Wahl Eversharp Yellow Gold Filled cap, black body
Wahl Eversharp Skyline Maroon
Waterman 32 Black Celluloid
Waterman 52 BHCR
Waterman 94

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